Dehydration Plants

Our firm owns four dehydration plants, that actually provide dehydration, screening and storage of material. Those plants allow us a maxim production of 500 hundreds kilograms per hour. Dehydration and screening allow us to offer a wide range of materials, different by size, water content, according to our customers’ needs.

Mobile Screening Machinery

Veri Srl owns three mobile screening machines, that allow the screening of wet material. Their employ is essential for the management of the space available on our plant end to allow us to offer high water content materials.


Our plant covers 130.000 squared meters, and it counts three sheds used to store material that cannot undertake atmospherical agents. Our sheds cover 35.000 squared meters.

Mechanical Diggers & Fork Lift

Internal logistics are managed by using three mechanical diggers, a telescopic digger and three Fork Lifts.