Veri Srl was born 25 years ago, by an idea and thanks to business skills of Mr. Ferri Faggioli. Nowadays lead by his sons, Veri Srl is a leading reality at national level for commerce, storage and production of coal and raw materials.

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Our firm lies on a surface of 130.000 squared meters, and is located in north-eastern part of Italy, in a location strategically close to the main harbours of North-Italy. Veri Srl uses these harbours for the importation of raw material, through motor vessels, coming from various world sites, such as Russia, Chiana, India and many others.

The product’s origin, its chemical composition and quality are checked, starting from the origin site to the final customer, through various production and storage phases. We have an inside laboratory, that allows us to check constantly the out put of our production plant.

Veri Srl owns an advanced production facility, witch uses dehydration and screening machinery for anthracite and coke, mobile screening machinery for wet material, storage silos, mechanical diggers and fork lifts for internal logistics.

Our commercial net covers Italy and the entire Europe. Our logistic office organizes goods expeditions based on our customers’ needs, with particular care for delivery times and packaging quality.